Thank you for considering purchasing a gift certificate for the State Street Mansion, New York's Capital Bed and Breakfast.

Gift certificates can be made for any value amount or equivalent length of stay. Simply decide the amount of your gift then contact us. We can guide you through the simple and secure process. You can also personalize your gift by proposing customized text and instructions for mailing.

When you're ready, we will ask you for your credit card information and charge your gift amount to your credit card. Then we will take any personalized note and mailing instructions.

After your call, we will customize an elegant gift certificate in the name of your recipient(s) as per your instructions and mail it directly to them along with a State Street Bed and Breakfast brochure.. If you prefer, we will mail the certificate to you.

You will receive a confirmation by return email.


Call (518) 462-678 or email: